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Our Digital Crew

Meet our eclectic team of business owners, data analysts, lawyers, NASA scientists, world travelers, financial gurus, creatives ... and by far the industry's most talented.

Director of Operations

Creates operational excellence by aligning our people, processes and technology to create product innovation and support agency growth.

Anand, Chief Executive Officer

A true visionary, Anand builds upon the agency’s strong foundation and core offerings to drive growth and champion the agency as an emerging digital performance powerhouse.

Zack, Director of Marketing Strategy

Zack is the rolodex of ad info for our clients. His deep knowledge and quick wit have helped his clients multiply their profits. 

David, Chief Financial Officer

With experience working with tech giants like Amazon, David is the master of numbers, ensuring that all projects are kept on track, on time, and profitable by focusing on business goals & financial objectives.

Ryan D., Director of Business Strategy

With 20 years in the legal mergers & acquisition field, Ryan not only provides consultation on business matters but helps strategize with clients to realize their full potential to grow not only their business but pursue their dreams.

Ryan E., Director of Sales

Ryan is responsible for connecting the bridge from our clients to their dreams through careful management of our sales team.

Amber, Director of Social Media

Amber is responsible for creating content and strategy that is original and compelling, using social media as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Kaleb, Director of Business Intelligence

A former NASA Research Scientist, Kaleb decodes the analytics & metrics to ensure the numbers make sense. 

Tom, Director of Enterprise Accounts

Tom is our enterprise clients best kept secret. Managing & scaling accounts with ad spends of over $250k/month.